Restol™ Wood Oil is a high performance protection for all your garden wood.

Restol™ is the versatile solution.


Restol ™ Wood Oil protects your summerhouse, log cabin and fencing. Restol™ Wood Oil is also highly suitable for your garden furniture, façades and wooden play equipment.
You can choose from more than eighteen colours. Restol™ Wood Oil is also suitable for use on untreated wood, impregnated wood and hardwood.

Restol™ provides long-lasting protection


Restol™ Wood Oil is based on natural (vegetable) linseed oils, making external wood water-repellent and weather-resistant. It protects your external wood for years to come. Take a look for yourself at the adjacent example of wood that has been used as a façade for 4 years. The left half is untreated, while the right half has been treated with Restol™ Wood Oil.

Properties of Restol™

bescherming-zon.png Protection against the sun
bescherming-vocht.png Protection against moisture
bescherming-vergrijzing.png Protection against ageing
waterafstotend1.png Water-repellent
schuren-niet-nodig.png No sanding required
kwast-roller-spuit.png For brush, roller and spray
4-uur-droog.png Touch-dry in 4 to 6 hours
zijdeglans.png Silk finish
max16.png max. 12-16 m2 coverage per litre


Applying Restol™ Wood Oil is easy: apply today and start enjoying the end result straight away! We’ve compiled some useful tips to help you get the best from your garden wood.

More details about how to apply Restol™ Wood Oil

Maintenance with Restol™

Hardwood and untreated wood are often more susceptible to weathering and ageing than impregnated wood. Therefore we recommend that the wood is inspected periodically.

More details about how to apply Restol™ Wood Oil

Special types of wood

Restol™ Wood Oil is suitable for all types of wood. Treatment and the end result will depend on the type of wood in question. Whether it is Bangkirai, Teak, Iroko, Western Red Cedar or Merbau, there is always a solution to hand.

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